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Fiberglass Components

3 – Fiberglass Components

Were you born after 1965? If so, your first fly rod was probably a graphite or your dad’s old fiberglass. You’ve been exposed to very little of the fiberglass world. Similar to the only foreign country you’ve seen is Mexico at Nogales during Spring break. Here I will show you the breadth

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Fiberglass Technology

2 – Fiberglass Technology

The history of fiberglass fly rods is well covered in the Victor Johnson’s book*. For this post I will focus on the technology of modern fly rods. When making your next purchase, it will help all of us to understand how a rod is made and the variables involved. Before starting

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Fiberglass Collection

1 – Fiberglass Collection

Dad gave me a Garcia Conolin fiberglass fly rod with a old Pfluger reel in 1957. Of course it used a HCH line, and for leader I used monofiliment from my spinning reel. This didn’t change until the late 60’s, and I didn’t have a graphite rod until the early 80’s. Somewhere

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Schnieder Bamboo Rod

Jack Schneider build bamboo fly rods in San Jose, California until his passing in 1952. He, mom and dad, and Jimmie Golden often fished together. Jack’s rods, fly fishing, and Wade Lake, Montana tie us together in my memories. I write about these ties in the article below. They have all passed, mom just last

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Kyuquot Salmon Fishing

Kyuquot bay on the north Pacific side of Vancouver Island was commercial fishing site until it was fished out. Now it is the home of the Rugged Point Lodge Owned by Matt and Kristy Guiquet. They provide ocean fishing through the summer, but in the Fall it’s fly rods on the rivers.

There are places, I

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5-Debt and Deficit Conclusion

I’ve made a dead horse of the old adage, “Rob Peter to pay Paul.” In truth, neither are totally at fault.  The government has been collecting less, spending more, and running up the debt. Today’s debate about spending cuts and the budgeted deficit are not close to solving the problem, and if nothing is done

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4-Federal Spending

We “rob from Peter to pay Paul.” The last post looked at Peter as a source in income, and now we will look at Paul and what we spend on him. It won’t take long. A quick look at the data makes it clear where cuts must occur, but the problem is making the cuts.

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3-Income Side of Budget

I’ll start with Income instead of Spending.  You have to have it before you can spend it, at least you should have.  Each of us is both Peter and Paul.  I receive Social Security, use libraries, and drive on public roads, while paying income tax and other taxes.  For now I will focus on Peter

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2-Debt vs GDP and Debt Ownership

Lets start by looking at what is a reasonable amount of National Debt.  I have to introduce GDP (Gross Domestic Product), and then show Debt as a percent of GDP.  GDP is the total goods and services produced within a country in a year.  It is the economic measure used to compare countries and judge

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