4-Components and chairs

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Merry Christmas all. The ground’s been covered with snow for several weeks. This is unusual in this part of Colorado. I deal with my fishing withdrawals by doing a little casting on the grass. Now I’m suffering.

I’ve gotten committed to building four Adirondack chairs and had to take down

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3-Spigot Ferrules

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A spigot is a tapered plug for the hole in a cask, thus we have a “spigot” ferrule. The blank is cut. A tapered spigot is fit into the butt section so that it protrudes an inch or so through. The tip section fits over the protruding spigot, and we

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2-The big #9 and lead core line

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This is off subject from building a rod, but I’m more of a cat herder than compulsively focused. The nine weight was put to the test on Vancouver Island, BC this year. My only concern had been the strength of the front ferrule. It seemed small compared to the large

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1-By way of introduction

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I built my first graphite rod, a three weight, in 2002. It remains my go-to Colorado stream rod. I have since built graphite’s up to 11 weight from Elkhorn blanks, which have caught many fish including bones, carp, bass, and steelhead. Many of us old guys learned to cast with

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