Drift Boating The Big Horn

Five of us went to the Big Horn, just north of Wyoming in Montana, and fished the river for thirteen miles down stream of Fort Smith.  The first day I waded the river while the others fished with guides.  The second two days we all fished from two drift boats without guides.  This was my

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8 Rivers Rodeo

Jim Tilmant and I fished the 8 Rivers Rodeo for the second time this year.  It’s a laid back, fun competitive event that donates the proceeds to charity.  The rules are simple.  Each person of a two person team must catch one fish each in each of eight rivers over the two days.  This qualifies

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Honholz and Tight Lines

Honholz is a small lake 2.5 hours from home.  It’s about two hours from anywhere, and this may account for the quality of fish.  You can count on it being windy, and you have to fish from a boat or float tube.  Wind and float tubes are not friends.  It has wadeable shallows (fish

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