10-It's a Five Weight

This is the third fish on the new rod.  The first two were smaller and Dale wasn’t close by with his camera.  This Brown from the Poudre River about fifteen miles from Fort Collins, Colorado measured thirteen inches. I was fishing a chartreuse Copper John as a dropper under a orange body Humpy, and was surprise that he took the dry this early in the season.

Picking the line weight was a lengthy project.  I was able to try a couple of five weights one evening, and then it snowed the next day.  A week later I tried a six weight.  Both cast well.  I paced off a 66 foot cast with a WF #5 line.  That’s not bad with a soft action 71/2 foot rod.  The six weight loaded the rod more easily, but didn’t add much to the distance.

In the end I settled on a five weight double taper (Cortland 444 Classic Sylk). Cortland says, ” It is the first modern line designed specifically for fine bamboo rods. The ‘Sylk’ replicates the fine diameter, long taper, supple feel and subtle color of natural silk.”  Don’t worry, fiberglass rods like it too.  The accuracy and delicate delivery of a fly are determined by the length of the front taper and the caster’s skill.  Additionally, the greatest control is had when the belly of the line is in the guides at the casting distance.  This is what a double taper is designed for.  It’s not the best distance line, but I have other distance rods with weight forward lines.

This rod is about the experience, the tradition, and the uniqueness.  There is not another one in the world.  Someone may have a blank stored away, but Rick’s Rods doesn’t.  I do have four other light weight blanks, but they are all sanded and would produce a different appearance.

This is a fishing rod, and fishing is where it will often be.  I do think I will show it to Wright-McGill in Denver.  There may be someone there who remembers the fiberglass days, and maybe I can get a W-M rod case.

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