1 - Debt and Budget

63% of American believe that the government spends more on defense and foreign aid than it does on Social Security and Medicare. Not true, and not even close if defense ($895B) is compared to mandatory ($2,166B) spending. The current argument in Washington is over cutting less than $100B from discretionary spending. The budget deficit is

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Family test post

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54 Chevy Bed - Paint The Frame, day 2

A second coat of Epoxy Primer had to occur within 24 hours.  There were a few missed spot and a few with light coats, so I set up again today.  The hardest part about frame painting is getting the gun in position.  It would be easier without the exhaust system.  I’m told that the epoxy

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54 Chevy Bed - Paint The Frame

Starting out to replace the bed, we removed the pickup box.  The undercarriage up to the cab is now in clear sight, might as well take care of that while the taking care is “easy.”  Here’s the thing, the rear suspension and rear end performed without issue, and there was no detrimental rust, so why

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8N Tractor 6 to 12 volt Conversion

I finally got around to converting the 8N to a 12 volt system.  You can’t believe the difference in starting.  With the 6 volt system the engine cranked slow, and if the battery was at all low the ignition had weak spark.  Now I give it half choke, push the start switch and it fires. 

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54 Chevy Bed - Out With The Old

This is the first post in a series about replacing the wood bed in our 54 Chevy pickup.  It will be similar to the Fiberglass Fly Rod series.  Click the Fly Rod category if interested.  I’ll emphasize what is learned along the way.

Replacing the wood bed has been on the list.  We have the new

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Drift Boating The Big Horn

Five of us went to the Big Horn, just north of Wyoming in Montana, and fished the river for thirteen miles down stream of Fort Smith.  The first day I waded the river while the others fished with guides.  The second two days we all fished from two drift boats without guides.  This was my

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8 Rivers Rodeo

Jim Tilmant and I fished the 8 Rivers Rodeo for the second time this year.  It’s a laid back, fun competitive event that donates the proceeds to charity.  The rules are simple.  Each person of a two person team must catch one fish each in each of eight rivers over the two days.  This qualifies

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Honholz and Tight Lines

Honholz is a small lake 2.5 hours from home.  It’s about two hours from anywhere, and this may account for the quality of fish.  You can count on it being windy, and you have to fish from a boat or float tube.  Wind and float tubes are not friends.  It has wadeable shallows (fish

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“Grand Slam” — Four Trout Species

It should be easy, and it was except for the hard part.  I set out Friday to catch all four trout species (Rainbow, Brown, Brook, and Cutthroat) in the Big Thompson drainage.  The Rainbows came from the Big T below Estes Park, the Brookies and Cuttroats from Rocky Mountain National Park, and the Brown from

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