What Makes a 54?

The 54 Chevy pickup body style existed in 1954 and the first half of 55.  Its grill is the most distinguishing feature.  The bed was 2 inches deeper with flat bed side tops, and the front windshield was one piece.

The engine was a 235 cubic inch six, and there was a Hydra-matic automatic option for

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Documentation of changes beyond Dashboard Options is here:

This code in Index.php places text before the posts depending on category. (currently removed as un necessary)

<?php /* This is test code*/
if (is_category(‘Documentation’))
echo “This is the text to describe category Doc”;

elseif (is_category(‘Fly Rod’))
echo “This is the text to describe category Fly rod”;
Echo “This is some generic text to

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To-Do List

The list is random.

Add pages: Random, Family, Archive&Lib, Links
Left Side bar, Don’t Display on page with ID=xx doesn’t work.
Need: display widgets only on desired pages.  Example: don’t need categories on About page.  “Display Widgets”  looks like it solves this.  It does not seem to work on sub-pages. Following error occurs when turn on sub-page to

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9-Putting It All Together

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After lots of delays and distractions, I finally put the first coat of finish on the wraps yesterday.  I should be casting in two more days.  At the start I said that this wouldn’t be a blog about beginning rod building, but I will mention some of my techniques.  In all of our

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How can you break your rod while casting? I’ll get to that, but first let’s think about the strength of a rod. Fiberglass is a very strong material that resulted in a rod lighter than bamboo, but not as light as modern graphite. Fiberglass rods were initially designed to cast

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Build a fiberglass rod, how do they do that?

First a steel mandrel is machined to what will become the inside diameter and taper of the finished rod blank. Each rod weight and action will have a different size mandrel. The uncut blank that I started with would have had a full

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